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You care about your business, we care about protecting it. LuckyTruck helps you sail through your insurance needs: get affordable insurance quotes, manage everything through our end-to-end platform, and breeze through problems with 24/7 customer support.
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LuckyTruck helps trucking companies feel safe and in control
We launched in 2019 to make the trucking insurance experience faster, easier, and quite simply: painless. Feeling safe and in control of your insurance shouldn’t have to be this hard. After servicing hundreds of companies over 30 states, we’re excited to help you kick back and manage things hassle free.
Our people care
We give every business that comes to our platform a simplified dashboard experience with easy walk-throughs and real-time notifications. Instant policy processing, billing and payments, managing drivers and vehicles, or onboarding dispatchers: we’ve removed the effort and made it easier for businesses to un-burden themselves. We’re focused on insurance so you can stay focused on trucking.
We’re led by our values
We’ve built our platform experience around our customers - we listen.
We want you to trust us - we’re transparent about everything we do.
Simple and intuitive
Complexity is stressful - we work hard to keep things simple.
Knowledge is power
Learning is a process we enjoy - we’re always open to it.
When we say we know insurance, we really mean it
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