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Here’s a quick run-down to get you started.
Here’s a driver qualification file checklist to go over when finding everything your carrier will need:
  • Driver’s Application for Employment
  • Driver’s Road Test Certificate or Equivalent
  • Inquiry to Previous Employers: Safety Performance History Records Request
  • Safety Performance History Records: Driver Correction or Rebuttal
  • Inquiry To State Agencies for 3-Year Driving Record
You’ll need these additional documents only for certain types of drivers, or in specific situations:
  • Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Documents
  • Entry-Level Driver Training Certificate
  • Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Driver Training Certificate
  • Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Certificate of Grandfathering
  • Multiple-Employer Drivers
  • Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate
Inquiry to State Agency for Driver's Record
Carriers use an applicant’s license and Social Security number to request driving records from each state that the applicant holds a motor vehicle operator’s license or permit in during the preceding three years.
Annual Inquiry and Review of Driving Record
This document gives an overview of a motor carrier’s obligation to obtain and review motor vehicle records for commercial drivers every year. Carriers also keep records of these annual reviews.
Annual Certificate of Violations and Review of Driving Record
This form is completed by drivers and used during annual motor vehicle record reviews. At least once every 12 months, drivers must submit a list of all convicted violations of motor vehicle traffic laws and ordinances during the previous 12 months. The carrier reviews this and compares it with the driver’s annual MVR. Note: Drivers who have provided the information required by 49 CFR 383.31 need not repeat information in this annual list of violations.
Medical Examiner's Certificate
Drivers must be examined by a licensed medical examiner listed in the FMCSA’s national registry every two years. The carrier retains a copy of this certificate. For CDL drivers; the carrier retains a copy of the CDLIS motor vehicle record, which contains the examination information.A note must be included in the driver’s qualification file to verify that the medical examiner is listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.
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